Tomcat Industries – Quality Coating Solutions for 30 Years

Are you searching for dependable commercial or industrial coatings? At Tomcat Industries, we have the capacity to deliver various coating projects and components from all industries - industrial to commercial and consumer goods. Our facility on Vancouver Island is equipped to perform both PVC spray and PVC dip coating.

Tomcat Industries is one of the leading providers of tailored solutions in protective PVC coating.
Established over 30 years ago on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, we work and deliver high-quality results. We service industrial, commercial and consumer clients across Canada, along with specialized companies in the US.

Tomcat Industries brings a variety of colours and finishing to all our plastic coatings. The protective plastic coating increases the functional life of your industrial elements.

With our advanced dip coating and moulding methods, your products get incredible protection and resistance against corrosion and abrasion. You can depend on our team for high-quality prototypes, custom sizes, unusual shapes, and small quantity runs.

Our coating adheres to relevant industry standards and is performed by an in-house knowledgeable and experienced team.

We deliver throughout Canada and the US

Quality PVC Spray and Dip Coating Solutions

Tomcat Industries offers high-performing coating solutions with function and protection in mind. From small batch to thousands of parts, we do PVC spray and dip coatings that protect and improve the value of your industrial and commercial products.

PVC Spray Coating

For specific coating applications, spray coating can be a better option than dip coating.

  • Overflow Drains
  • Scuppers
  • Other Items Not Suited to the Dipping Process

PVC Dip Coatings

With a variety of colour options (including Glow in the Dark) and custom size possibilities, we are ready for both small orders and bulk production.

Highly Durable, Protective PVC Coatings

Tomcat Industries is your one-stop destination for highly durable, protective PVC coatings. Both PVC vinyl dip coatings and PVC vinyl spray coatings are available to serve the needs of industrial, commercial and consumer clients. With a variety of colour options (including Glow in the Dark) and custom size possibilities, we are ready for both small orders and bulk production.

Our team can manufacture PVC Plastisol handle grips, end caps, covers and tube, hose and valve protectors. We coat metal parts, cable hooks, handles, roofing scuppers and drains as well as fishing weights and small anchors.

We use dip moulding with a liquid PVC hot cure resin to make our grips and caps, which range in size from a 1/4" grip to a 7" diameter scuba tank protector. We also use dip coating for components of non-standard shapes and sizes, offering superior features and protection. Dip coating is great for lead fishing weights, wheelchair hand rims, many different types of metal brackets, hooks, and parts.

For specific coating applications, spray coating can be a better option than dip coating. We use spray coating on overflow drains, scuppers and other items that are not suited to the dipping process.

Plastic Coating Applications

We offer customized plastic coating solutions for a variety of applications, including marine, automotive and mobility.

Marine PVC Coatings

Our coatings provide robust protection against extreme weather conditions and are highly durable and suitable in marine environments.

  • Small Anchors
  • Fishing Weights
  • Other Fishing Products

Automotive Parts PVC Coatings

Tomcat Industries works with the specialty after-market automotive accessory industry. Our highly resistant, hard-wearing coating solutions add a layer of protection to the auto parts to help prevent BSR (buzz, squeak, rattle). It also provides a soft coating that helps protect from snagging or scratching surfaces.

Mobility Parts PVC Coatings

At Tomcat Industries, we provide coating solutions for specialized mobility aids and equipment. These ensure strong grip, maximum comfort and optimum performance of the coated mobility parts and tools.

We work on projects with coating needs from small to complex. Our professionals are dedicated to serving the mobility industry in any way we can.

  • Handle Grips
  • Wheelchair Hand Rims
  • Other Mobility Parts

Trailer hitches and other automotive products.


Small anchors and other boating products.


Fishing weights and other fishing products.


Scuba tank covers and other diving products.


Handle grips, hand rims, grab bars and other mobility products.


Handle grips, end caps, covers and other products.


Scuppers, pipe hangers, valve handles and other plumbing products.


Large runs, small runs, unique shapes, odd sizes and other prototyping needs.


Variety of colours and finishes (even glow-in-the-dark!) to choose from.